Ex PC58 Steven Nicholls_

A Bit About Me - Steve Nicholls
Operations Director - Guardian Security Services (North East) Ltd

Having attended at college to study to be a qualified electrician I completed that training and then at the age of 18 I successfully gained employment with Her Majesties prison Service where  I joined as a Prison Officer (NEPO) - New entrant Prison Officer and was posted to HMP The Mount in Hertfordshire.

...........I joined with one intention and that was to specialise as a dog handler as I had a passion for dog training and handling a working dog.

At the age of 20 I attended a national selection board in London where I was successfully accepted to become a specialist Officer dog handler, the youngest Officer recruited and whilst still within my probationary period.

This specialism then saw me posted to establishments within the high security estate of the prison service being         

HMP Pentonville, HMP Strangeways and HMP Leeds.

During my career as a dog handler I was licenced with two general purpose patrol dogs and was additionally licenced to operate dogs in the detection of arms/explosives (AES) and drugs.

My second GSD patrol dog Mack was a pup bred by myself from my first GSD  patrol dog Ben, and after a successful 1 day licencing assessment at 15 months old he took over patrolling the yards and perimeter at HMP Leeds. This was a great achievement and was a considerable financial saving as a handler would normally attend a 8 week full time residential course.

Myself and Mack regularly competed in trials both service and civilian and attended the Prison service National dog trials on two separate years after qualifying at local and regional competitions. The top 15 dog teams in the country are selected for attending this very prestigious event.

On the first occasion we were awarded the Watson Jackson trophy for being the most professional dog team at the trials.

After leaving the Prison service in 2003 I continued with working in the dog handler / training industry after setting up a business HUDDERSFIELD K9 TRAINING, a company aimed at both pet and service dog initial training and behaviour. This business is still running today an provides assistance to the communities of Huddersfield and the surrounding area.

In 2009 I joined West Yorkshire Police as a custody detention officer before transferring to become a full time Police Officer at the age of 46..

The roles I conducted whilst employed as a Police Officer was within the response and community policing teams along with deployment as a plain clothed Officer in a specialist surveillance team.

My final roles within West Yorkshire police was as the Huddersfield Town centre ward manager that was a role designed to partnership work and problem solve daily issues within our community.

After leaving West Yorkshire Police I am once again working within the community and providing a service of protecting people and businesses from crime and the fear of crime.