Drugs and Alcohol Policy

The Company’s policy is that during working hours and at all times whilst on work premises employees must be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. This will help to ensure the health and safety of employees and others with whom they come into contact, to maintain the efficient and effective operation of the business, and to ensure customers receive the service they require. For those reasons, the following rules will be strictly enforced.

No employee, worker or contractor shall:

  • Report or try to report for work when unfit* due to alcohol or drugs (whether illegal or not) or to substance abuse;

  • be in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs** in the workplace;

  • supply others with illegal drugs** in the workplace;

  • supply others with alcohol in the workplace, except in the course of work duties. For example serving customers drinks at the bar;

  • consume alcohol or illegal drugs or abuse any substance whilst at work.


*Whether an employee is fit for work is a matter for the reasonable opinion of management.

**Illegal drugs include but are not limited to heroin, cannabis/marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines


In addition, employees, workers or contractor’s must

  • ensure they are aware of the side effects of any prescription drugs;

  • advise their line manager or a member of the management team immediately of any side effects of prescription drugs, which may affect work performance or the health and safety of themselves or others. For example, drowsiness. 

Contravention of these rules is gross misconduct and the Company will take disciplinary action for any breach of these rules, which may include summary dismissal.

A search may also be carried out in line with the Company’s Staff Search policy.

 In addition, possession of or dealing in illegal drugs on Company premises will, without exception, be reported to the Police.


Signed: Steven Nicholls - Operations Director

Date:1st August 2021

Version 1